Does education impact the income of multi-site managers in pork production? Our recent salary survey’s findings may surprise you.

We analyzed responses from 28 US-based multi-site managers, and the results defy conventional expectations. Among those working for Pork Powerhouses, we observed that the level of education, from high school graduates to those with Bachelor of Science degrees, didn’t significantly affect their earnings. A high school graduate supervising 10-24 staff and a respondent with a Bachelor’s degree managing over 100 direct reports both reported annual salaries within the $100K-$110K range.

Interestingly, managers from smaller operations (20K-60K sows) reported higher salaries, even with varied educational backgrounds. Three of these respondents held Bachelor’s degrees, and the fourth had some college experience, but their functions did not significantly impact their incomes.

Our findings suggest that in the pork production industry, factors other than formal education may have a more profound influence on earnings for multi-site managers. These could include experience, skill set, and the scale and financial health of the operations they manage.

However, these results shouldn’t undermine the importance of education but instead highlight the variety of pathways to success within the industry. It emphasizes that along with formal education, practical skills, and experience are equally valued in the pork production industry.

In the evolving landscape of the pork production industry, these findings provide important insights for both professionals seeking career growth and organizations striving to attract and retain top talent.

For more enlightening findings, you may download the results of our comprehensive swine live production salary survey here.

About the Author

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