Continental Search Announces Annual Nationwide Salary Survey for Animal Health and Nutrition Professionals

Continental Search is once again inviting professionals in the animal health and nutrition industry to participate in their annual nationwide salary survey. They’re reaching out to over 3,000 professionals. This encompasses veterinarians, nutritionists, researchers, and formulators working for various companies across all major species.

This year, special attention is being given to the effects of inflation and the tight job market. The aim is to glean comprehensive insights into expected compensation adjustments during job transitions.

With the list of participants growing from 2800+ to over 3000, the survey promises a more comprehensive overview of the current and expected salary trends in the industry.

The survey takes only 3 minutes to complete. Take note that the survey ends on Oct 27, 2023.

Click here for the survey!

A copy of the results is available to those who participate before the deadline.

Your Contribution Matters

Your participation will help sketch an accurate picture of the current compensation trends, influencing decision-makers and professionals alike. Make informed career and salary decisions by contributing and having access to this valuable data.

For insights from last year’s salary trends, visit Continental Search or email to receive a copy of the previous year’s results.

Don’t miss this chance to gain insights and contribute to the broader knowledge base of the animal health and nutrition industry!