Are You Earning More or Less than the Average in the Pork Industry?

Understanding where your income stands compared to the industry average is a key factor in evaluating your career progress and trajectory in the pork industry. Our latest survey results offer a comprehensive overview of the salary trends across various roles in the industry.

Farm managers in the USA, for instance, have a wide earning range, which depends largely on their level of education and the size of the operation they manage. The average salary spans from $40K to $110K, reflecting the scope and responsibilities that come with managing a farm. Factors such as the size of the operation, education, and number of direct reports significantly affect earnings. The fact that education does not always directly correlate to higher earnings suggests that practical experience and the size and profitability of the operation are significant factors in determining income.

On the other end of the spectrum, geneticists in the pork industry command higher salaries due to their specialized skills and the demand for their expertise. The average salaries for these roles range from $60K to $130K, depending on their level of education and the specific nature of their roles. Interestingly, those with MS degrees sometimes earn more than those with PhDs, hinting that years of experience and specific roles may carry more weight than just educational qualifications.

For the full copy of the results of our recent swine live production salary survey, click HERE.

About the Author

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