A Closer Look at the Multi-Site Managers in USA’s Pork Industry: Who’s Earning $40K and Who’s Making $120K?

A dive into the world of multi-site managers in the USA’s pork industry offers a captivating look at the diverse range of earnings within this crucial role. Out of the 28 US-based respondents in our recent salary survey, it’s evident that the income potential is vast, ranging from a base salary of $40K up to $120K.

The intriguing part is that the difference in salaries isn’t solely dictated by education or the size of the operations they manage. Their salaries are also influenced by the nature of responsibilities, the complexity of operations, the scope of direct reports, and perhaps, the geographical location and market dynamics.

Interestingly, amongst the ten multi-site managers working for the industry’s Pork Powerhouses, we found both a high school graduate and a respondent with a Bachelor’s degree earning between $100K-$110K. Even though these two respondents varied significantly in their educational qualifications and the number of direct reports – from 10-24 to over 100, their income was relatively similar.

On the other hand, for those working with smaller operations, such as single-site producers, the salaries were slightly less competitive. For instance, the three single-site production managers reporting to a VP/Owner earned between $40K-$100K, depending on their specific roles, education, and direct reports.

Furthermore, four out of the ten multi-site managers working for major pork producers with 20K-60K sows were able to command higher salaries, ranging from $80K-$130K. In these cases, their responsibilities, along with a higher bonus potential, seemed to have a notable impact on their total remuneration.

In conclusion, these insights underline the fact that salary trends in the pork industry, especially for multi-site managers, are influenced by a wide array of elements. This realization further emphasizes the importance of comprehensive data collection and analysis to fully understand and appreciate the complexities of compensation structures within this dynamic industry.

For more information on salary trends in the swine live production industry, download our recent salary survey HERE.

About the Author

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