Top feed technology trends take spotlight at World Pork Expo

Innovative new options help farmers battle ingredient pressures and boost profits

As swine production transitions to a new future one of the most promising areas of progress showcased at the 2021 World Pork Expo is feed technology.

Innovators such as CBS Bio Platforms (Tent G414) are among those leading the charge, introducing newly enhanced technologies and services to help farmers capture greater advantages to optimize profitability in today’s new environment.

WPE 2021: Showcasing new pathways to progress

“We all know the past year has been like no other and has contributed to some of the challenges we have seen such as ingredients pressures and pricing,” says JD Baltzell lead CBS America representative with CBS Bio Platforms.

“But at the same time innovations have kept pace to tackle these challenges and we see a lot of that at this event.  It’s great to have the World Pork Expo back online to help us reconnect as an industry and share a lot of the new knowledge and technology.”

The Expo June 9-11 2020 is presented by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) and this year marks the 33rd annual event and first since 2018. Thousands of producers and industry professionals are expected in attendance along with more than 700 vendor booths representing companies from North America and around the world.

Evolution of platform technologies

Among key feed technology trends highlighted, one at  the forefront to help get more efficiency, value and options with ingredients is the further evolution of platform technologies, says Baltzell. A top example from the CBS stable is new Bio-Catalyst technology –  a new concept in feed technology that  takes the power of enzymes to a new level for addressing challenges such as keeping feed costs low, using alternative and ‘opportunity’ ingredients and more. The platform also addresses protecting health, reducing environmental impact and minimizing antibiotic use.

“It’s a very versatile platform that checks a lot of boxes,” says Baltzell. “At the end of the day it gives you more versatility in ingredients and makes sure you get a lot more value out of those ingredients.”

The Bio-Catalyst technology platform encompasses several layers of feed enzyme technology that include Multi-Carbohydrase technology, phytase and protease, explains Rob Patterson, CBS Technical Director also attending World Pork.  There is also a strong focus on crossover components such as enzyme-enhanced Yeast Bioactives technology as well as new protein sparing, energy sparing and prebiotic activity boosting options.

“The science is what makes the difference with Bio-Catalyst technology,” says Patterson. “It’s a huge leap forward and very exciting to bring to the marketplace.”

Next level feed analysis and strategy

The further rise of sophisticated digital tools is another key development, notes Krisjan Jones, CBS Operations Director also part of the team on site at the Expo.

What’s Your FSP Fingerprint? is an interactive tool available on the CBS Feed Science Platforms website that enables farmers to input information about their operation and obtain an analysis of the best unique combination of feed technologies to improve results. The CBS iNSPect tool is another interactive option that dives deeper on utilizing Bio-Catalyst technology to maximize dietary utilization.

“Precision is one of the big  buzz words today and that’s what these tools provide,” says Jones. “It’s amazing how far the technology has come and what it can provide farmers to really dial in their strategies for maximum advantages. We encourage anyone at WPE to come visit us at (Tent G414) and learn more.”

CBS has over 37 years in business, building status as a world leader in feed technology serving customers in more than 20 countries internationally. CBS America includes a major distribution centre in Volga, South Dakota, which anchors the CBS national focus supporting producers and their industries across the country. More information on CBS Inc. Feed Science Platforms is available at and additional CBS Inc. information is available