Strategies for Getting Pigs Started

“Starting pigs on feed is like building the foundation of your home:  if you don’t have a solid foundation, you can lose everything.” Join Dr. Trey Kellner as he discusses strategies for getting your pigs started on feed. When your pigs are effectively transitioned, you’re ensuring  a maximum return on your investments. “We have a saying within our wean system that if you get the first  two days right on feed, it’ll save you two weeks of labor from there to market.” Dr. Kellner shares lessons  he’s learned over the years and offers tools for success.

Dr. Trey Kellner received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2017, following his B.S. at the  University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He joined AMVC Nutritional Services as their first Swine Nutritionist. Trey  oversees the feeding program for over 160,000 sows and 1,200,000 market pigs per year in 9 states across  31 feed mills. Trey works in tandem with primary caretakers, production managers, veterinarians, central  feed desk employees, and feed mill managers to execute successful feeding programs and predict
economic and performance outcomes. His professional, research, and academic achievements have  earned him recognition as a: Stahly/Peo Outstanding Swine Nutrition Graduate Student, ASAS Young  Scholar, and Iowa State University Graduate College Emerging Leader. Most recently, Trey was honored  with the 2020 Young Alumni of Distinction Award by the Animal Science Department at the University of  Nebraska – Lincoln.

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