Simplifying Wet/Dry Feeding In Wean-to-finish Barns

Things have changed since the days when pigs were raised in small herds in the barnyard,
eating out of large round bulk feeders. Many of us have fond memories of falling asleep on
warm summer nights as the rhythmic sounds of the pigs opening and closing the lids of the big round feeders as they ate drifted through the open farmhouse windows. Others may have not- so-fond memories of sleepless nights caused by the constant racket of the clanking lids on sweltering hot summer nights. But no matter your memory—good or bad—pork production has changed significantly since then.

When Crystal Spring began 40 years ago, pork production was just beginning to transition from small herds raised in the yard to larger herds raised inside barns with automatically controlled environmental and feed systems. Twenty years after that, many producers began to change their systems again from separate nursery and grow-finish barns to a combined or wean-to- finish system.

The goal of these new systems was to simplify pig flow, reduce the stress of moving pigs to
different barns multiple times, and make record-keeping easier to manage. However, wean-to- finish production systems also created one great challenge for producers: Managing a small, newly weaned piglet (some as little as 6.5lb/3kg) in a barn facility meant for a market pig weighing 280+lb/130+kg or more.

Our new WF2-Series Wean-to-Finish “flat shelf” feeder solves that issue with an innovative feed shelf that allows both nursery and finishing size pigs to easily access the feed shelf and drinker nipples at all times during the grow out.

This easy-to-clean, simple-to-manage feeder incorporates both our patented Adaptive-Flow™ drinker nipples and EZ-Adjust™ feed control system. These two innovative solutions make it simpler to start small pigs on a wet/dry feeder by allowing them to make gruel feed right in the feeders within a few days after they arrive in the barn. At the same time, its wide feeder space design allows even the heaviest market-weight pigs to easily access the feed and water.

This new WF2-Series feeder is the engineering evolution of our original feeder. It’s easier to
manage while still providing the quality, durability, and performance we are known for.

Since wean-to-finish systems were first started, Crystal Spring has developed simple, innovative solutions to overcome the challenges producers experience, not only in our feeder design but also in feeder management.

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