EASY BIO Enhances North American Presence with Acquisition of Devenish Nutrition

Title: “EASY BIO Enhances North American Presence with Acquisition of Devenish Nutrition”

South Korea’s leading animal nutrition company, EASY BIO, has successfully acquired a 100% stake in Devenish Nutrition LLC, a prominent U.S. corporation specializing in feed additives. The acquisition, finalized on February 29, marks a strategic move by EASY BIO to reinforce its feed additive and premix business in North America.

Under this agreement, EASY BIO’s U.S. subsidiary, EASY BIO USA, assumes control of Devenish Nutrition, previously owned by Devenish Holdings Limited based in Northern Ireland.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Fairmont, Minnesota, Devenish Nutrition has established itself as a competitive player in feed additives and premixes. With five production plants and six research facilities in the United States and Mexico, the company employs over 200 professionals, including more than 30 Ph.D.-level personnel. This expertise has contributed to its firm position in the North American livestock market, offering high-quality technology and research-driven products and services.

EASY BIO, established in 1988, has been a trailblazer in alternative antibiotic solutions, cost-saving measures, and animal gut health solutions. Focused on sustainable practices, the company has experienced rapid growth globally, particularly through its subsidiary Pathway Intermediates Limited in the United Kingdom, serving markets in the United States, Canada, Spain, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. EASY BIO’s footprint extends to around 50 countries, providing animal nutrition solutions.

The acquisition aligns with EASY BIO’s mission, “The Value-Added Solution of Feeding Tomorrow,” aiming to deliver sustainable livestock solutions. The company believes that Devenish Nutrition’s commitment to developing and supplying technology-based solutions aligns well with its mission.

The collaboration between the two companies is expected to yield mutual strategic supplementation and synergies. This partnership not only enhances competitiveness in North America but also provides global markets with more diverse and differentiated solutions, fostering customer satisfaction.

CEO Stevenson Hwang of EASY BIO expressed confidence in the acquisition, acknowledging Devenish Nutrition as a leading company in the North American market. Hwang emphasized EASY BIO’s commitment to fully supporting Devenish Nutrition’s growth and development, recognizing the strengths of its management team and employees.

Devenish Nutrition CEO Cory Penn expressed enthusiasm about the completed transaction, highlighting the company’s well-established brand in the U.S. and Mexican livestock industry. With the support of the EASY BIO Group, Devenish Nutrition aims to expand its footprint in North America through investments in people, research, and manufacturing facilities.

EASY BIO plans to reiterate its purpose and direction to executives, customers, and business partners of Devenish Nutrition, providing earnest support to foster further growth in the North American market.