Due Diligence Recommended when Accessing Feed Ingredients

Farmscape for October 23, 2019

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The Executive Director of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada encourages pork producers to ensure their feeds or feed ingredients are coming from credible suppliers. Pork producers on hand for Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2019, November 12th and 13th in Saskatoon, will be updated on the latest issues related to the manufacture of feed. Melissa Dumont, the Executive Director of the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada, says the first case of African Swine Fever in China raised some eyebrows and research out of the U.S. has spiked conversation among feed manufacturers about what can be done to address the risks.

Clip-Melissa Dumont-Animal Nutrition Association of Canada:
We’ve worked very closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency looking at doing a risk assessment on feed and feed ingredients. We’ve been part of the feed working group related to African Swine Fever. Coming out of that was import controls that were implemented for the higher risk products from countries that have had either African Swine Fever in the past five years or still have active cases of African Swine Fever. That’s really looking at grains and oilseeds as well as their associated meals coming from those countries as they were identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as the highest risk ingredients. As an industry ourselves, hyping up biosecurity is number one.
That’s been a message that we’ve been sending all of our members since the beginning ensuring that feed mills have a robust biosecurity program in place as well as having a really good supplier approval program in place. Knowing who you’re buying your feed ingredients from, knowing how they’re manufactured, knowing what kind of biosecurity measures those plants have, whether it’s domestically or internationally and ensuring that you’re buying from ingredient manufacturers who have the highest standards in biosecurity.

Dumont says the feed mills are used to talking about their risk management methods. She says, if you’re manufacturing your own feeds on farm, know where you’re ingredients are coming from, what kind of approval programs your suppliers have and that you are doing your due diligence to ensure those products are coming from credible sources.

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