Connect OnFarm launches Fortress

New shield against swine challenges while optimizing performance 

A new force in feed technology tailored to both shield and supercharge production is now available to western swine producers.

Connect OnFarm has announced the registration approval of Fortress — a feed supplement tailored for Canadian and U.S. production that uniquely combines several top areas of innovative feed science into a single, powerful, synergistic blend. Key components include latest generation Yeast Bioactives, medium chain fatty acids, short chain fatty acids and Multi-Carbohydrase enzymes.

“Fortress in many ways represents the future of feed technology for swine,” says Cal Ginter, President of Connect OnFarm. “It provides a shield to protect health. It unlocks more value from feedstuffs. It helps each operation reach new heights. We are extremely excited to bring this technology to the marketplace.”

Farm tested, farm tough

The formulation has been extensively tested at a commercial scale at several operations resulting in record improvements. It was developed based on robust science including extensive Connect OnFarm data and insights harvested from real world farming conditions.

“We have the privilege of working with many of the best farmers in the world who are always looking for innovative ways to improve,” says Ginter. “Fortress is the culmination of working closely in the barns with these producers and finding ways to drive innovation. It contains the best combination of new feed technology, infused with today’s top science, to make the biggest difference for farm profitability.”

Shielding against production challenges

As a tool that fits well with integrated strategies designed to reduce reliance on antimicrobials, Fortress also aligns as the type of option increasingly favoured by the marketplace, notes Craig Garand, Connect OnFarm General Manager.

“With the way the industry is evolving, there is a need for new solutions that bring together the best of health, nutrition and overall performance outcomes,” says Garand. “Fortress has proven to be a very reliable high quality option that covers all of these bases. The name Fortress is fitting because the data shows it does an excellent job to defend and secure the best results possible for every swine operation.”

Reaching new heights with record-breaking results

In commercial evaluation trials with select operations in Montana and Alberta, this technology has shown a range of dramatic benefits including key advantages related to slashing bacterial and viral threats while supporting optimal performance.

Among standout results attributed to the Fortress intervention, farms have decimated streptococcus suis (S. suis) incidence, greatly reduced overall sow mortality, increased pigs per litter and dramatically boosted feed efficiency / gain. The new feed technology has also allowed for antibiotic free production as a preferred approach for cost and efficiency advantages even when there is not a market requirement.

These results, while exceeding expectations, are not surprising given that several of the key components of Fortress represent the leading edge of feed science technology for swine, observes Tina Rivest, monogastric nutritionist with Connect OnFarm. The formulation is utilized as a ‘health pack’ supplement added to feed, easily integrated on top of the existing nutrition and health program.

“Swine operations need new science-based tools that create more profitability at the farm level –  particularly as they are being asked to shift away from reliance on antimicrobials,” says Rivest. “Our early adopters have now tested the Fortress formulation through three production cycles –  all with increasingly positive results. Having many advantages from one formulation makes everything simple.”

Leading-edge of feed science 

Fortress includes the latest generation version of ‘free form’ medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) –  also known as ‘activated’ MCFA – showing major advantages to slash bacterial and viral threats while supporting optimal performance.  “A lot of the focus today is on prevention,” notes Ginter. “There’s just no question that we all need to be doing as much as possible to reduce the bacterial load and viral load. The free form MCFA in Fortress really makes a huge difference.”

MCFA in Fortress are complemented by specific short chain fatty acids further boosting gut health and energy capture. Fortress also features Yeast Bioactives technology, a brand new category of feed science that helps to mitigate threats that can undermine feed quality, animal performance, animal health and food safety. Yeast Bioactives technology has also shown a high level of prebiotic activity beneficial to health and performance —all while offering major consistency and efficacy advantages compared to conventional yeast cell wall supplements. Fortress is also fortified with a high-quality blend of Multi-Carbohydrase enzymes targeting maximum feed breakdown and energy capture from feedstuffs.

“There is really nothing like this that has been available to swine operations combining so many different technologies with this level of synergy,” says Garand. “It’s becoming clear that as more farms adopt this technology it can really be transformative for the industry.”

Sample data and more information on Fortress is available on request by contacting the Connect OnFarm office. Connect OnFarm is a company built on serving producers and helping farming operations become more profitable, innovative and sustainable, through a range of services and products based around nutrition programs for