CBS Bio Platforms expands team for USA and ramps up capacity

Dr.Seth Monegue joins company supporting rising demand for Feed Science Platforms

A new  phase of US progress is underway for CBS Bio Platforms to support rising demand and opportunities for the company’s Feed Science Platforms (FSPs).

CBS USA announced new developments for both its team and FSPs portfolio. This includes new progress across R&D, manufacturing, distribution and customer support, along with team expansion led by the addition of Dr. Seth Monegue as Technical Services Manager, USA.

“We are pleased to welcome Dr. Monegue  to the CBS team,” says Rob Patterson, CBS Bio Platforms VP of Innovation & Commercialization. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as a director of nutrition and feed manufacturing, who shares our passion and focus on innovation and customer success. He will play a key role as we continue to execute our US expansion plans, bringing FSPs to more customers across production regions.”

‘Science first’ mindset to support producers, industry

Monegue holds a PhD in swine nutrition from the University of Kentucky, where he previously completed Masters and bachelors degrees in animal science.  He has over 10 years of experience in animal nutrition and feed manufacturing roles, including broad experience working directly with producers and industry across multi-species on feed technology adoption and integrated nutrition strategies to improve results.

“I’m very excited for this opportunity,” says Monegue. “CBS Bio Platforms has an outstanding reputation as a science-driven company at the forefront of many of the innovations  making a real difference at the farm level and rising in demand today.  This aligns very well with my own ‘science-first’ philosophy and approach. I’m looking forward to working with the CBS team and customers to bring more of the best science-based solutions to more farms.”

Building on 40 years of innovation

CBS Bio Platforms is set to mark its 40th anniversary later this year. The company founded by Owen Jones is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. CBS has been a pioneer and leader in feed technology innovations, with a major focus on enzyme technology for much of its history. Over the past decade CBS has experienced a major period of both product and market expansion.

It now delivers innovations across five FSPs, including Bio-Catalyst technology, enhanced yeast technology, grain management technology, function fatty acids, and phytogenics & probiotics. The FSPS encompass a range of bio-based products used in feed, food, industrial applications and more. The company now serves customers in over 20 countries worldwide.

Executing strong expansion potential across the US

This new era of progress has included a strong emphasis on US expansion. In recent years, a key milestone was the establishment of new CBS facilities in Volga, South Dakota, to support growing US operations and business. Volga now serves as a US headquarters for CBS with broad distribution capacity and rapidly developing  manufacturing capacity.

Numerous staff have been added to CBS USA particularly over the past three years. Following its US expansion strategy, the company has established substantial  business across the upper midwest and is making strong gains in additional regions across the country. CBS also has a strong emphasis on partnerships with research institutions including several US based leading research centers.

“As the livestock industry continues to evolve, it’s clear innovative options such as the FSPs are becoming more the way of the future,” says Monegue. “It’s an excellent time to be involved with CBS and help share our knowledge and solutions. With the ongoing progress in our research and development pipeline, the future is very bright for continuing to help producers and their industry find new tools to meet challenges and keep competitive.”

Monegue, who has been Midwest based, will return to his home state of Kentucky under the new role. However he will be active and traveling regularly across all key US regions, working particularly closely in the field with CBS team members Mike Clark and  J.D. Baltzell.

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