Cargill Identifies Key Protein Trends for 2024: Embracing Convenience and Diverse Flavor

Cargill, a prominent processor, has outlined significant protein trends for the year 2024 in its latest report, titled the “2024 Protein Profile.” This comprehensive assessment delves into consumer mindsets, desires, and behaviors, providing insights into the evolving landscape of protein consumption.

A standout revelation from the report is the growing influence of the “less is more” philosophy. With average households shrinking, there is an increasing demand for smaller protein packages among consumers. Additionally, the report notes a shift in cooking preferences, with many home cooks considering ovens as “overkill” for their modest recipes. Instead, the relative simplicity of air fryers and pressure cookers has gained favor. Heat-and-eat meals, representing 15% of all meal occasions, underscore this trend towards convenience.

Flavors and cuisines have also undergone a noteworthy transformation. Cargill’s findings reveal that for Generation Z, Mexican and Chinese cuisines have taken precedence, marking the first time any generation did not label “American” as their favorite. Furthermore, the report highlights a growing inclination among both Generation Z and millennials towards “globally inspired” dishes, with 58% and 48%, respectively, reporting having consumed such dishes in the week leading up to the survey.

This report sheds light on the dynamic preferences shaping the protein landscape in 2024, emphasizing the importance of convenience and diverse flavors in meeting the evolving demands of today’s consumers.

Access the report here