Advances in feed technology featured at IPPE 2022

Future of feed on display as innovators showcase next generation solutions

Fast-evolving science, market demands and farmer needs are all coming together to drive new product advances showcased at the 2022  International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta.

Among top examples are the next generation of Feed Science Platforms (FSPs) developed by CBS Bio Platforms, highlighting five key areas of progress: Bio-Catalyst technology, enhanced yeast technology, grain management technology, functional fatty acids, and phytogenics & probiotics.

“Outstanding people from the farm level and across the value chain  are the heart of animal agriculture, and this year more than ever they are the number one highlight of  IPPE,” says Krisjan Jones, CBS Operations Director.

“It’s excellent to have the in-person event back on and to re-connect here as poultry, meat and feed industries. The innovations showcased at IPPE are a reflection of the strength of this community here in the U.S. and in other key markets around the world.”

Powering the pace of progress

The return to normalcy for pivotal events such as IPPE brings invaluable benefits both symbolic and tangible, says Rob Patterson, CBS Technical Director.  “As a CBS team we are taking advantage of the in-person time with international colleagues and customers. We are soaking up the energy at this event as a catalyst to continued progress for our industry –  one that no surprise to anyone has shown tremendous resilience and a rock-solid go-forward mentality amid the challenges and opportunities of the past two years. The industry has powered through and as a result the future is very bright.”

A number of the latest feed technology advances are closely aligned with recent priorities the industry has faced, notes  Mark Peters, Paul Garvey and J.D. Baltzell of the CBS sales and marketing team, holding court at CBS Booth B7145 at IPPE, anchored by marketing & event coordinator Tanya McLellan. A leading example is Bio-Catalyst technology headlined by options like new ProSparity that have rapidly gained adoption.

“When we look across the board at what are the best  opportunities to add value – particularly in ways that make a real difference at the farm level –  finding innovative ways to get more out of protein sources is right at the top of the list,” says Peters. “Options such as ProSparity represent the feed technology of the future. They give farmers greater power than ever before to get more out of their feed, to improve the overall economics of production resulting in lower costs and higher profits.”

Boosting return on investment

Poultry opportunities are at the forefront of the strongest return on investment, notes Garvey. “The nature of poultry production is one where the benefits are multiplied the most. The gains farmers are seeing with ProSparity represent a brand new pathway not only to a substantial boost in profitability but also a new level of efficient, sustainable production closely aligned with the demands and requirements of now and the future.”

The international component of IPPE is front and center as the feed science world ramps up the pace of progress, says Jorge Castañeda, CBS Sales Manager for Mexico / Latin America, hosting a range of global customers at IPPE including large Columbia, Mexico, Peru and Brazil contingents. “Around the world we see the need for innovations that make a real difference for producers and their livelihoods. The time is now to capture the opportunity.”

Overall the advances in feed technology include capability for addressing major challenges such as keeping feed costs low, utilizing alternative and ‘opportunity’ ingredients, protecting health, reducing environmental impact, minimizing antibiotic use and dramatically enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

All advantages are amplified to a higher degree than ever before due to the dramatically increased precision, sophistication and synergy inherent to the latest science-driven options.

Making a difference at the farm level

“At the end of the day, the most encouraging sign I see is the increased emphasis on the farm level as a focus for innovation,” says Baltzell. “We believe strongly that when farmers are successful, our industry is successful. The FSPs are about putting more power into the hands of farmers to help them get the best results possible, not only to meet the demands of feeding a growing world but to boost the profits essential to farm livelihoods and a great future for our industry.”

Farmers can ask their nutritionist or feed representative about options such as ProSparity or contact CBS Bio Platforms directly. More information on the CBS Bio Platforms and its feed science technology solutions is available at