ADM Animal Nutrition Broadens Recall to Include 17 Additional Lots of Chicken, Swine, and Rabbit Feed Products

ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of ADM (NYSE: ADM), has announced an expansion of its recall initially declared on March 30, 2024. The expansion encompasses additional products due to elevated levels of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and/or phosphorus. These products include Pen Pals Chicken Starter-Grower (Product Nos. 70009AAA46 and 70009AAA44); Pen Pals Egg Maker Complete (Product No. 70010AAAE4); MaxLean GF Concentrate (Product No. 12354AAA); ShowTec Sow Ration with Thermal Care (Product No. 12343AAA); ShowTec BB 18 BMD (Product No. 18241AGNE4); ShowTec BB 18 BMD/DBZ (Product No. 18241PLM); ShowTec Hi Fat 18 BMD (Product No. 18007AGNE4); ShowTec Lo Fat 15 BMD (Product No. 15350AGN); MoorMan’s ShowTec Hi Fat 16 BMD (Product No. 16700AGN); MoorMan’s ShowTec Burst Starter w/DF DEN (Product No. 24320CVW); MoorMan’s ShowTec Sale Burst w/DF CTC/DEN (Product No. 24320AYWE4); Pen Pals Professional Show Rabbit Feed (Product No. 81657AAA); and Pen Pals Professional Rabbit 18 (Product No. 80033AAA).

Elevated levels of sodium can lead to increased water consumption, reduced feed efficiency, egg production, and growth rate, and can be fatal in chickens. Elevated levels of calcium and/or phosphorus can result in reduced feed intake and feed conversion in swine, while heightened levels of magnesium and sodium may cause loose stools, reduced growth rate, and weakness in rabbits.

Complaints have been received from four customers regarding consumption of ShowTec BB 18 BMD – three complaints concerning low consumption and one reporting an animal’s refusal to eat and experiencing belly pain. Additionally, three customers have raised concerns about low consumption related to Pen Pals Professional Rabbit 18, and one customer reported low consumption associated with MoorMan’s ShowTec Sale Burst w/DF CTC/DEN.

Customers are advised to check the lot number located at the bottom of the label. Those who have purchased the recalled feed should cease using it immediately and return it to their distributor or directly to ADM Animal Nutrition for a full refund. For any inquiries, customers can contact 800-217-2007 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday.

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