Protecting Pig Health During Warm Weather Transition

As temperatures warm up this spring, AP reminds swine producers about important steps for maintaining a healthy barn environment to protect pig health and productivity.

“Proper environment control requires transitioning barns from winter to summer ventilation,” says Dwight Naber, AP district sales manager. “Warmer temperatures can sneak up on us quickly this time of year.”

Naber recommends these steps:

• Make sure barn shutters on fans are clean and in good working condition. Remove dust from fans.

• Evaluate curtain and inlet machines to ensure that cables are tight on pulleys, so that curtains and inlets open and close properly.

• Check that fan belts are tight or replace them if worn.

• In a tunnel barn, remove winter coverings from the fans and replace with regular shutters.

• Make sure the evaporative cooling system is clean, including replacing any worn cooling cell pads. Refill the tank, put the pump back in and ensure it is working properly.

“Finally, be aware of the weather forecast, and plan ahead with a strategy to protect your pigs from high temperatures,” Naber says. “Have your fans, shutters and other cooling system components ready so that if hot weather is forecast, your pigs can stay cool and at their highest levels of productivity.”

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