Innovative Solutions for Simpler Barn Water Management

We decided to completely rethink barn water management because we believe there is always a better way. Whether it’s a more effective way to increase gain or a simpler way to manage group housing, we are driven to create innovative solutions to common problems.

The complexities of water management in the barn can create challenges for some producers—from variable barn water pressures to excess water wastage and inconvenient cleaning requirements—making it a tricky problem to solve.

Our Quick Connect Valve and Adaptive-Flow™ Inline Regulator solutions are designed to address all those problems when they’re combined and installed together on the vertical water pipe of any Crystal Spring wet/dry feeder or nipple bars.

The two-piece Quick Connect Valve features a flow-stop insert that allows for quick and easy disconnection from the water supply without turning the water off at the source. It even includes an easily removable filter for faster cleaning.

The Inline Regulator uses our patented Adaptive-Flow™ silicone insert to provide precise water flow control and ensure the correct flow rate at every nipple. Numbered levels on the regulator are marked for repeatable and consistent adjustment.

Both of these practical and innovative watering solutions are built to last with mechanically simple parts, premium 304 stainless steel, Viton O-rings, and an included ABS insert and filter cartridge.

We rethought barn water management because we were convinced there had to be a way to make it simpler, easier, more convenient. We built our solutions to last because we believe in doing things the right way.

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