Get to the finish line, faster.

A tale of two pigs

Picture this: Two pigs walk up to a scale.

Pig 1 walks on, and the scale says the pig is in the heavier half of the group. The pig walks off and is automatically directed to a finishing diet.
Pig 2 walks on the scale, which says the pig is in the light half of the barn and needs to keep gaining. The pig walks off and is automatically directed to a grower diet.


Each pig gets exactly what it needs to reach market weight as efficiently as possible. Weight is carefully monitored. No feed is wasted. Pigs go to market sooner.


It’s not a fairytale. It could be your reality with Nedap PorkTuner.
Did we mention Nedap PorkTuner can sort pigs for transport when they hit market weight? You don’t need to keep feeding pigs that are ready for market.

Turn fiction into facts
You know the fictional story of The Three Little Pigs.
It leaves some unanswered questions. For example, how many huffs and puffs does it take to blow down a house?

You don’t have room for unanswered questions in your pig barn. Get the facts, not fiction, with Nedap PorkTuner.

Nedap PorkTuner provides continuous data about pig activity, weight gain and growth. It predicts finishing dates and weights as early as two weeks in advance. And, Nedap PorkTuner shows changes in feed intake, so you know to check a pen for a feed outage or potential disease threat.

Get the straight story with Nedap PorkTuner.

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