Get Precise Water Flow Control with Crystal Spring`s Adaptive-Flow™ Technology

A few years ago, our team started discussing how we could take our feeder nipples to the next level using our innovative solutions that were already proven and time-tested. Considering the overall improvement that our wet/dry feeders provided for producers, and how helpful the precise feed flow control of our EZ-Adjust™ technology was, it had become clear we needed a better way to control water flow. A more precise way that would make feeder management easier and simpler.

From these insights, questions and challenges, a new and innovative technology was born: Our Adaptive Flow™ technology. We’d used silicone inserts for years, but our Adaptive Flow™ products use them in a new way to provide consistent water flow even with barn variable water pressures to ensure each pig gets the correct daily water intake while reducing water wastage and spray. Adaptive Flow™ delivers better overall performance and much easier management of our wet/dry feeders.

In the following weeks we will show you all the different applications of this new technology—from our feeder nipples and bite nipples to our In-Line Regulator with Quick Connect Valve—and how we were able to adapt this technology to provide a better and more refined solution for each growing phase.

We’re excited to share all of our solutions with you! If you have questions or would like more information about our products in the meantime, please contact our team at or WhatsApp/Phone +1 (402) 227-8228 or visit our website to find your local dealer.