Designing a Farrowing Barn: Key Considerations for Optimal Flooring and Animal Welfare

We are a commercial provider of equipment for animal and livestock operations throughout the United States and beyond. Our products are in use in many operations as a commercial quality solution for animal husbandry needs, including livestock and dairy operations; from farrowing, to nursery to the more mature stages for your pork, beef and other livestock setups.

We provide a variety of products including raised flooring that improves animal conditions, safety and comfort, while making your operation easier and more viable financially, over the long-term. Additionally, we have specialized products built for the various stages within your livestock and dairy operations

This article is about designing a farrowing barn. We feel uniquely qualified to provide some thought leadership in this space, as we have developed innovative, well-known and highly utilized farrowing barn equipment for some time now. We are also well known in the animal husbandry space for our unique and high quality tooling we provide for pork and beef operations (among other dairy and livestock industry specializations).

This article should highlight some important considerations for those that are looking for ways to improve total yields by looking at the entire operation. Because farrowing is an exceptionally important part in total yield projections and in overall health of the animals, it is a main focal point for animal welfare innovation.

It’s mostly about the animals – How Animal welfare Should and Does help shape farrowing Barn Design

Farrowing is largely affiliated with the concept of birthing operations in pig populations at a commercial level. But there is a lot of carryover between the general concepts in farrowing and other closely related (but not-pig-specific) birthing operations. Our products tend to also be able to be used in a broader way than other specialty tooling, as, for example, our flooring might work for other animals like goats in addition to pigs or cattle. Our products have also been put into use in world renowned veterinary centers that work with sea mammals, and other animals.

All that to say: birthing operations largely require the same types of environments and tooling. Having a concept of animal birthing and the life cycle means you can probably utilize the type of modular components and custom equipment we manufacture for your farrowing house.

Animal welfare is a major portion of the planning for several reasons in any operation:

  • If you care about the animals, you have a healthier herd and you yield more generally
  • If you have proper best practices in place, yields and perception about the operation are positively impacted
  • Animals, from a commercial husbandry perspective do a lot for our economy, and our society – and it’s not extremely difficult to improve animal welfare without overspending
  • When you focus on healthy animals from the very beginning of the life cycle, you have less drama or hiccups in the latter stages of the operation
  • Healthy animals have better immune systems, less deficiencies and less difficulty adding weight or producing milk

On the specific topic of farrowing for a pig operation, healthier pigs at farrowing, means more pigs that get to nursery, and more total throughput, as well as stronger musculoskeletal frames, better living conditions, and lower costs associated with disease and veterinary work.

Why we believe that ADA Enterprises is the right partner to help you build an optimized farrowing barn

Sheer volume would be the easiest answer. We do this everyday, all day. We are recognized leaders in raised flooring and we supply thousands of farrowing operations in the agri-capitals of the United States. If, for no other reason than that, we believe our track record and volume of experience is a crucial piece to being able to assist you in finding the right solution for your operational needs.

We also could point to our world class products and services. We talk a bit about the product later on, but perhaps a mention of our team of professionals that can answer just about any question you can imagine, is also prudent here.

We’ve worked with so many start-ups, mid-cycle, and so many mature operations in the pork industry, that we are well-seasoned – ready to help answer your best practice questions. We are also an industry innovator. We’ve helped to shape what’s possible for those in livestock operations throughout the industry because of our product mix and thoughtful design engineering.

We think we’re worth a look.

Why Farrowing Barn Design is so important

Simply put: Farrowing success usually drastically increases nursery success. Nursery success means strong, able-bodied animals that can put on optimal weight profiles, and have fewer issues.

This means the following:

  • Higher total weight yields
  • Fewer veterinary concerns and lower total treatment costs
  • Consistent and efficient operations that improve staff morale and increase total cost structures
  • In high volume operations, a properly outfitted and easy to assimilate farrowing process means faster turnover and healthier animals due to better cleaning capabilities and better total turnover process streamlining

The benefits of our farrowing barn products

We think innovative design is important:

We think think cleanliness is important:

  • Plastisol is temperature consistent – it stays in line with ambient environmental temperatures
  • It’s easy to clean with standard cleaning agents, and can even be power washed
  • Our farrowing flooring and other products are designed to help passively evacuate urine and feces for healthier environments that don’t increase bacterial load

We think it’s important to have a holistic outlook on your operation:

  • When you have good tooling and good procedures in place, from farrowing, to nursery, to slaughter, you have better yields, but everything is intertwined
  • It’s why we build swine industry products that are both modular in design, but also customized to your specific needs

How our years of experience may benefit you in building the right farrowing barn for your operation

The main reason we think we’re ready to help you right now in your farrowing or other husbandry needs, is that we have a team of people from engineering, to management, to our production shop; to our support team that understand the exact issues you’re up against. But, not only are they smart and proficient in planning for livestock and dairy operations – they are good people – real people, who are approachable and can help you understand things easily, while providing the proper resources to make your entire experience with ADA Enterprises a memorable one.

We are really happy to help you build your optimal farrowing operation and help you set the groundwork and continue to develop your operational framework to improve profits, and get the most out of your livelihood.

We’d love to chat with you.

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