Crystal Spring celebrates its 5th Anniversary manufacturing in Brasil

“This week marks 5 years from when we manufactured the first fully Brazilian-made Crystal Spring feeder. This milestone makes our team very proud, especially since getting our manufacturing up and running in Brazil set the groundwork for a lot of our expansion and helped shape our strategy for reaching new and growing markets.

Brazil is one of the largest pork-producing markets in the world and manufacturing feeders there allows us to bring to Brazilian pork producers the best technology in wet/dry feeders in the world. We want to thank all of our local suppliers and providers for helping us establish a presence there so we can continue to manufacture top quality products and provide state of the art, long-lasting equipment to the industry.

A big thank you as well to Novagri S.A., for pushing us to go to Brazil and for partnering with us through their subsidiary Novagri do Brasil, as our trusted sales channel for the last 5 years. Eduardo de la Maza, Claudio Salas and Alfredo Lima de Castro have done an amazing job helping us spread our brand and messaging throughout the Brazilian market.”