Balance Sow Lift Floor launched in U.S. Market: For sustainable pig farming and enhanced profitability

Animal welfare is under scrutiny. Meeting growing demand for sustainable farming and enhanced profitability is a top priority for pig farmers nowadays. An integrated approach to pig production combining farm and health management can help producers achieve health and performance goals.

Producers face the difficult task of reducing mortality rates. Nooyen offers a sophisticated system focusing on the reduction of piglet mortality caused by sows lying on piglets and the flexible positioning of the sow. With over a 100,000 Balance Sow Lift Floors installed worldwide, and with more than 15 years of experience and continuous improvements, this unique integrated system is now ready for the U.S. market.

University of Kentucky College of Agriculture
Last month, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture has brought 12 Super-Coated Balance Floors into use. This sow lifting system is expected to reduce their loss of crushed piglets by 80%. The floor is also labor saving as the farrowing pens require less extensive monitoring. In addition to this, a real-time sow weighing system is installed into these floors to monitor the weight of the sow real-time.