5 ways Electronic Sow Feeding technology pays you back

You can’t get back time, your youth or maybe even the money you loaned your kids. But you can earn back investments in technology.

Case in point: Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF).

ESF pays you back in five ways:

  1. Boost feed efficiency. Feed intake can impact sow body condition for longer-term performance. Sows get what they need when they need it.
  2.  Reduce feed waste.  Adjusting diets based on each sow’s optimal body condition score (BCS) can reduce feed costs up to 20% by not over- or under-feeding sows.
  3. Make your time count. Automated weight monitoring puts accurate sow weights at your fingertips 24/7, without extra time or labor needed to capture weights.
  4. Improve sow performance. ESF technology helps you maintain ideal sow BCS for improved breeding performance. Research suggests that 33% to 50% of sows are not in optimal condition. This has a negative impact on the sow’s welfare, lifespan and reproduction.
  5. Increase litter size and weaning weights. Conversely, sows bred at optimal BCS have increased litter size and milk production, resulting in more, heavier-weaned piglets. Producers can take that to the bank…er market.

    With ESF, you can ensure each sow gets the individual feed and care she needs, as well as the benefits of being in a calm gestation group. Your investment will pay you back as you eliminate feed waste and optimize whole-herd feed efficiency thanks to accurate data at your fingertips.