5 efficiency gains with automated sorting scale technology

Nobody has money to burn these days. Thin margins call for real-time information on finishing pig weight and performance. This knowledge helps make feeding and marketing decisions more efficient and effective.

That’s where automating sorting scale technology can help. Here are five ways this technology can boost your operation’s efficiency:

1. Reduce guessing and improve delivery planning
Estimating weights and manual sorting can lead to costly losses. Automated sorting not only eliminates inaccuracy during these processes but it also continuously collects growth data. Constant data allows for accurate forecasting of daily gains, so you can make better plans for feeding, pig delivery and transport.

2. Save months of time, make better use of labor force
It used to take Nebraska farmer Roger Cech’s labor force 15 hours per finishing room to mark, sort and load pigs. With automated sorting scale technology, his team can load out in about 15 minutes per room per phase, using only one to two employees to get the job done and saving months of time. With two employees and three phases of pigs, that equals 1.5 hours of labor per room.

3. Produce more meat per foot of floor space 
Housing facilities must be used efficiently to get the most return from this asset. Automated sorting scale technology can help boost barn efficiency by helping you produce more meat per foot – helping you achieve up to 99% effective use of available floor space.

4. Feed appropriate diets to lower feed cost
It’s important to make the most of your feed investment and not over- or under-feed pigs. Automated sorting systems weigh each pig and direct it to one of two feeding areas with the diet best suited to its actual weight.

5. Gain real-time, 24/7 data
Access to continually collected, accurate activity, weight, growth and sorting data means you can make more informed, timely individual pig and group management decisions.

Take control of your finishing program and quit feeding and marketing to averages. Let automation help increase the uniformity of your finishing groups and get them to market on time, every time.