Reduction Of Edema Disease Mortality With Vepured® Vaccination

DeGroot, M.*; Cardinal, F2.; Galé, I3.; Rodríguez-Ballarà, I3.; Nodar, L3. 1HIPRA HIPRA ANIMAL HEALTH CANADA INC., (Otawa), Canada. 2 Triple V. (Acton Vale) Quebec, Canada. 3 HIPRA HQ. (Amer) Girona, Spain.


Edema Disease (ED) is an acute enterotoxaemia affecting both weaned and growing pigs. It is caused by a few serotypes of Escherichia coli that produce Verotoxin 2e (Vt2e-VTED)1. Farms affected by ED experience high morbidity and mortality, ranging from 50 to 90%. Clinical signs can include swollen eyelids, neurological signs and sudden death. Stress, genetics, nutritional factors and the amount of antibiotics or zinc oxide used can all be risk factors for Edema Disease1. VEPURED® (HIPRA) is a recombinant V2e vaccine that provides protection against ED. The objective of this study was to evaluate the reduction of ED mortality in nursery pigs using vaccination with VEPURED® 2,3.


A farm trial was carried out on a 150 sow farrow to finish farm in Canada that had a history of high mortality in the nursery due to ED (5-15%). Sows were batch farrowed every 7 weeks on this farm. Pigs were weaned into the nursery barn in groups of 375-500 pigs. The presence of ED was confirmed by PCR using the VEROCHECK diagnostic kit (HIPRA) 4,5,6. Five groups of nursery pigs were analysed: Group 1 (377 pigs, non-vaccinated); Group 2 (471 pigs, non-vaccinated); Group 3 (396 pigs, vaccinated with VEPURED®); Group 4 (454 pigs, vaccinated with VEPURED®), and Group 5 (477 pigs, vaccinated with VEPURED®). Mortality was recorded for each group of pigs.


The results showed a reduction in mortality in the batches of pigs vaccinated with VEPURED®. Unvaccinated groups of pigs had mortality rates of 11.1% (Group 1) and 6.4% (Group 2). Pigs vaccinated with VEPURED® had mortality rates of 5.4% (Group 3), 3.4% (Group 4) and 1.3% (Group 5).

Overall mortality in the unvaccinated groups of pigs was 7.80%. The VEPURED® vaccinated group had a mortality rate of 3.40%. These results show that VEPURED® is significantly associated with lower mortality compared to non-vaccination (p-value <0.05).


Farms affected by ED typically have experienced higher morbidity and mortality and decreased growth performance. Treatment options have traditionally included antibiotics with variable effectiveness. Individual pig treatment is difficult due to the acute nature of the disease. The ability to prevent ED with vaccination will allow for better control of this disease and minimise the impact on production. This trial showed that using VEPURED® to vaccinate piglets reduces nursery mortality due to ED.


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