Farmers Depot® to Become the National Master Distributor of Schippers Products across Canada

The GVF Group of companies is pleased to announce the launch of an expanded
and exclusive national alliance with Schippers Canada. Starting January 2023, Farmers Depot will  become the National Master Distributor of Schippers products across Canada – both direct to farm  and through a network of existing Schippers dealers.

Although the alliance is specifically between The Schippers Group and the GVF division, Farmers  Depot, as the GVF group of companies overtly focuses on improved feed conversion and production  efficiency for increased profitability and sustainability of their customers’ operations, the importance  of sanitized (and for monogastric animals, acidified) water and barn hygiene is paramount. This means  the Grand Valley Fortifiers, Fortified Nutrition species specialists, and new ruminant nutrition  consultants that joined GVF from Valley Nutrition, who maintain consultative relationships with meat,  milk & egg producers across the country, will be addressing these extremely important but often  overlooked livestock production priorities with the help of the Farmers Depot water & hygiene  specialists.

With the GVF group expressed focus on Profitable Farms, Healthy Food and Improved lives,
addressing livestock water quality and hygiene are key aspects to the attainment of this mission.  Therefore, this new alliance is strategic to the GVF group of companies as well as being aligned with  our goal of increasing the efficiency, the profitability, and the sustainability of our customers’  operations.

The Schippers Group and Farmers Depot began a dealership relationship in the fall of 2017, starting in  Ontario and over the past five years have expanded this dealership relationship across many of  Canada’s provinces. At the close of fiscal 2022, Schippers HyCare and MS Gold water care and hygiene  product sales represented a significant portion of the products that Farmers Depot provided to  livestock producers across the country.

The ongoing investment that The Schippers Group is making in barn equipment innovation, product  development, production, and global distribution systems for their MS Gold products is significant – all with the goal of reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock production and mitigating the risk of  the spread of anti-microbial resistant (AMR) disease. This philosophy aligns well with the long  standing GVF belief that antibiotic use in livestock production should be mitigated and with a focus  on sound, precise nutritional approaches, clean, acidified water and robust biosecurity & hygiene  programs, livestock operations can be productive, efficient, and experience increased profitability  with mitigated GHG emissions per kilogram of high quality, digestible protein produced.

Both The GVF Group of companies and The Schippers Group were birthed in the 1960s with a direct to  farm focus that sought to allow livestock producers to achieve improvements and efficiency in their  operations. Both companies remain family owned and operated and are second generation, going on  third generation businesses.

Since 1996, Farmers Depot has existed to provide quality animal health products at a competitive  price for Canadian livestock and poultry producers. Offering next day delivery, and top-tier product  support and easy ordering for more than 25 years. Farmers Depot is a proudly Canadian family-owned  company, with over two thousand animal health and equipment products, and new products added  each month, helping producers to always be able to find what they need. We are honoured to serve  livestock and poultry producers across the country and strive to continually provide producers with  practical advice for their operations and an efficient experience.

Farmers Depot is a member of the GVF Group of Companies. These companies and the teams within  them work holistically and synergistically with hundreds of farming families across Canada and into  the United States with a commitment to helping create profitable farms, healthy food, and improved  lives.