Artificial Intelligence Key to Unlocking Full Potential of Genomics

Farmscape for December 6, 2023

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The Chief Scientific Officer with Prairie Diagnostic Services suggests the use of artificial indigence is key to making full use of the vast amounts of information being made available through genomics. The use of genomic sequencing to decipher the genetic coding of living organisms is helping revolutionize disease diagnostics, prevention and treatment and genetic selection. Dr. Anatoliy Trokhymchuk, the Chief Scientific Officer with Prairie Diagnostic Services, says generating data is easy however interpreting this data is key.

Quote-Dr. Anatoliy Trokhymchuk-Prairie Diagnostic Services:
We have to admit, we as humans are not really well equipped to handle this really complex data. We like to live in our three-dimensional space and yes, we have a concept of time but the dimensionality of genomics data are really mind boggling.
We can talk about hundreds of different dimensions. This is where sophisticated machine learning and sophisticated computer algorithms can really help. There are already big advances with machine learning and artificial intelligence-based drug design exercises, vaccine design exercises and it’s coming our way. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is not back magic. It’s just a general-purpose technology but it’s a very important one. It’s going to be a very consequential one.

There is one quote that I really like, that artificial intelligence for this civilization will have more impact than fire and electricity. That’s true because we are already living in a news driven economy. Whoever has that information, whoever can make better decisions will be better off. If we harness the power of artificial intelligence to interpret this genetic data for us and tell us how to keep infectious diseases out, what animals to select, how do we build better operations, how do we access better markets, that would be a really key objective.

Dr. Trokhymchuk says it’s an exciting time to be in this kind of business and this kind of research.

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