Lanxess Stands Out at the 2024 Iowa Pork Congress: A Triumph of Innovation and Industry Collaboration

Lanxess, a renowned leader in Biosecurity Solutions, took the spotlight at the 2024 Iowa Pork Congress, North America’s largest winter swine trade show held in Des Moines at the end of January. Going beyond the conventional tradeshow experience, this premier event showcased Lanxess as a dynamic force, seamlessly integrating networking, customer engagement, and industry support, making it a resounding success.

Why Lanxess Finds Iowa Pork Congress Exceptional:

  • Networking Excellence: Lanxess capitalized on the congress’s ideal setting, establishing and strengthening connections with both existing and potential customers. This commitment to networking further solidifies Lanxess’s position as an industry collaborator.
  • Strategic Customer Meetings: Leveraging the opportunity to engage with producers, Lanxess gained invaluable insights into the needs and challenges of the industry. These strategic interactions bolstered customer relationships, reflecting Lanxess’s dedication to understanding and meeting client requirements.
  • Knowledge Hub: The event served as a knowledge hub, where Lanxess actively absorbed insights from producers, staying informed about the latest trends and demands in the swine industry. This commitment to staying ahead of industry developments positions Lanxess as a forward-thinking and adaptive player.
  • Active Industry Engagement: Lanxess not only participated in discussions but actively contributed to the overall vibrancy of the event. By engaging in various activities, Lanxess demonstrated its commitment to being a proactive participant in the swine industry’s collective growth.
  • Commitment to Industry Well-being: Beyond business interests, Lanxess showcased a genuine commitment to the industry’s well-being. The Iowa Pork Congress provided the perfect platform for Lanxess to demonstrate this dedication, aligning with their broader mission of contributing to a healthier swine industry.

At the forefront of Lanxess’s engagement was Gisele Ravangi, the Technical Manager for North America, who injected an element of fun into the event. Operating the Spinning Wheel, she interacted with customers, creating an enjoyable experience and underlining Lanxess’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage:

Central to Lanxess’s impactful presence at the Iowa Pork Congress was the spotlight on their advanced cleaners, disinfectants, and the revolutionary BootWash solution. With over 50 years of expertise in research and development, Lanxess Biosecurity Solutions takes pride in offering science-based products that ensure optimal animal health, husbandry, and livestock production.

The cornerstone of Lanxess’s portfolio is its comprehensive range of cleaners and disinfectants, meticulously designed to address the increased risk of diseases in densely populated areas. Recognizing that the well-being of animals is often jeopardized by the presence of diseases within the same species, Lanxess places a strong emphasis on preventive measures, contributing to maintaining a healthy environment for swine.

A standout feature at the Iowa Pork Congress was the focus on the BootWash solution. Lanxess understands that even the smallest details matter in preventing disease transmission. The BootWash, a core highlight at the event, showcased Lanxess’s commitment to maintaining consistency in hygiene practices. This innovative solution not only ensures the cleanliness of footwear but also plays a vital role in preventing the spread of diseases within the swine industry.

Jessica Reisack, Sales and Marketing Manager at Lanxess, reflected on the week in Des Moines, emphasizing the significance of the event for a global company. She highlighted the Iowa Pork Congress as a crucial platform to showcase the latest innovations and the collective expertise of the Lanxess team.