Zoetis Reports Vaccine For African Swine Fever May Be Ready By 2025

Source: Brownfield
A global animal health company says a vaccine for African swine fever could be developed and distributed before 2025.

Tim Bettington is Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Operations and Global Customer Experience with Zoetis. “It could take up to three more years to develop an active solution,” Bettington says. “Some of it will depend on if there will be emergency use vaccines available or not.”

Bettington says it’s likely FDA and other agencies would grant emergency use authorization. “I would say based on recent precedents that would be the case so as long as the government is very active and willing to work with companies to do so,” he says.

Bettington made his comments at the Ag Outlook Forum in Kansas City Monday.

The event was sponsored by Agribusiness Council of Kansas City and AgriPulse.