Zinpro Earns Four Additional OMRI Limited Certifications On ProPath Performance Minerals

Zinpro Corporation, the leading provider of animal nutrition solutions, recently received Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certifications on four ProPath Performance Minerals for the United States. The four products include ProPath Cu, ProPath Fe, ProPath Mn and ProPath Zn.

Joining a portfolio of six other OMRI Listed mineral products, ProPath products utilize a unique biological pathway that unlocks nutrient uptake and absorption, leading to increased performance in animals. ProPath is formulated to maximize operational efficiencies, support profitability and optimize animal nutrition and performance.

“We are constantly looking at ways to help meet consumer and customer demands,” said Matt Douglas, North America regional business director at Zinpro. “These recent additions to our portfolio of OMRI certifications, including our OMRI Listed ProPath LQ products, expand our offering to producers across multiple feed types and markets and enable us to offer the best product to the end consumer in the organic space.”

Over the last 50 years, Zinpro has continued to innovate and launch new lines of cutting-edge performance trace mineral products to help producers meet the performance needs of their animals. This is backed by nearly 300 peer-reviewed research publications across species, validating and providing scientific proof of performance.

To learn more about Zinpro’s animal nutrition solutions and how Zinpro is more than minerals, visit zinpro.com.