Winter Weather Creates Swine Disease Control Challenges

Farmscape for January 30, 2024

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The Associate Director of the Swine Health Information Center reports continued increased porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea activity last month, a reflection of the winter weather. The Swine Health Information Center’s monthly domestic swine disease surveillance report, released as part of its January eNewsletter highlights a spike in PRRS positivity in the wean-to-market category and higher than expected PRRS positivity in Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio and increased PED positivity in all age categories including higher than expected positive PED submissions in Missouri and North Carolina. SHIC Associate Director Dr. Lisa Becton says colder winter weather is typically a challenge.

Quote-Dr. Lisa Becton-Swine Health Information Center:
PED especially I think has seen a signal in December. The advisory group noted that the amount of submissions had increased and right now that really warrants looking at what’s going to happen in this next report to cover the month of January. That’s going to give us a big note, is it more active in the winter or not? That’s something I think we’re definitely going to be watching for in this next reporting. The same thing really assessing what the winter is doing. Traditionally with trends we do sometimes do see increased activity in colder months. Again, it also really makes us look at our transportation but even feed mill biosecurity and other steps, so something to be watching for in this next report.

Highlights of 2023, including discussion on the major findings for each of the pathogens monitored domestically highlight the Swine Disease Reporting System’s January podcast.

The full domestic and global swine disease surveillance reports can be accessed through the Swine Health Information Center’s website

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