Plasma Use Improves Swine Health and Immunity

Functional proteins play a crucial role in enhancing swine immunity, resulting in healthier pigs from start to finish. Specifically, spray dried plasma (SDP) is a complex mixture of functional proteins that include transferrin, lysozymes, growth factors, cytokines, immunoglobulins and many other components that have a profound, positive impact on animals. As a feed protein source SDP supports the body’s natural immune response to inflammation, by helping the immune system to respond more quickly and efficiently.

The industry has seen an increasing global movement to ensure the judicious use of antibiotics at livestock  farms. Including functional proteins such as SDP in animal feed can help reduce the amount of antibiotics used. Additionally, the use of SDP helps animals to better use their nutrients for productive functions instead of using it to fight stressors.

Inflammation and an overactive immune response to stressors takes a toll on animals. People too – think about how difficult it is to go about your daily routine when you aren’t feeling well. Finding ways to help support an efficient immune and inflammatory response is important to keeping animals healthy and productive. APC, the world’s leader in SDP production, in partnership with the North American Spray Dried Blood and Plasma Producers (NASDBPP) have spent years researching the modes of action of plasma and how it affects the health and immunity of swine herds.

SDP is proven to help animals recover quickly, effectively and consistently, with the following benefits:

Immunoglobulins, naturally found in SDP act as antibodies that help neutralize pathogens, aiding in the destruction or removal of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Immunoglobulins in SDP can provide passive immunity for weaned pigs during the critical post-weaning stress period.

Immune cell function
Functional proteins are involved in regulating immune cell activities. For example, cytokines are protein molecules that serve as chemical messengers between cells and help modulate immune responses. Cytokines can stimulate or suppress immune cell function, promoting a balanced and appropriate immune response in swine. Functional proteins in SDP modulate the immune cell and cytokine response to stressors to more rapidly respond and return to a normal balanced state.

Gut health and nutrient absorption
SDP plays a crucial role in maintaining gut health, which is closely linked to the overall immune system. It contributes to the integrity of the intestinal barrier, preventing the entry of pathogens and toxins into the bloodstream. Additionally, functional proteins like SDP, help support better digestive functions to break down complex nutrients into simpler forms, facilitating absorption and utilization by the swine.

Stress response
Functional proteins such as SDP, are involved in cellular stress response, helping protect cells from damage caused by stressors such as heat, infection, or inflammation. By maintaining cellular integrity and function, these proteins indirectly support swine health and immunity.

Research and Testing Shows Results
APC has done extensive research and works with its customers to fine-tune the appropriate level of plasma in the diet to help address challenges caused by common stressors. The result is a fast, visible response in the animal, helping them to thrive. A complete listing of the more than 600 peer-reviewed, published journal articles highlighting the global research conducted by APC and independent scientists is available upon request.

About APC
APC is a member of the NASDBPP and the global leader in the manufacture and sales of blood-derived functional plasma proteins and red blood cell products. Ingredients are used in animal feed diets and other industries to add value through the unique properties that positively impact billions of animals – and plants – each year. Today APC employs 500+ people in eight countries with 17 manufacturing facilities worldwide. To learn more about functional protein use for swine production, visit or subscribe to APC on YouTube.