New Tool Warns U.S. Pork Producers of Diseases Present in Their Regions

Farmscape for July 4, 2023

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A new tool that uses swine disease data submitted voluntarily by participants in the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring project is helping warn U.S. pork producers of diseases that are present in their regions. The Early Regional Occurrence Warning project, launched in September 2022, has resulted in the creation of a regional early disease warning tool. Swine Health Information Center Executive Director Dr. Paul Sundberg explains the University of Minnesota’s Morrison Swine Health Monitoring project is the foundational example of producers sharing site status information among themselves and the Early Regional Occurrence Warning or TEROW project was born out of that willingness to share information.

Quote-Dr. Paul Sundberg-Swine Health Information Center:
The data comes from the participants in the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring project. Better than 50 percent of the U.S. sow herds are participating in the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring project and that’s a project by which they share weekly their site status of a variety of diseases like PRRS, PED, Mycoplasma, etcetera. That’s a willingness of these producers to share information about their specific sites and that enabled the researchers and the IT experts at the University of Minnesota to put together this TEROW project that offers a real time report for the regional outbreaks, the regional health status for producers within an area. These reports are going to be regularly delivered to the participants. It comes from that weekly data that’s compiled within the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring project and the reports will be made weekly to those participants in the TEROW project.

Dr. Sundberg suggests we can be stronger if we share information rather trying to keep everything secret and do it ourselves.

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