SwineTex Consulting Services and PigEasy Announce Collaboration

PigEasy and SwineTex Consulting Services are pleased to announce an upcoming collaborative project. PigEasy will be sponsoring a series of training videos developed by SwineTex Consulting Services on important topics for pork producers. The first video in the series, expected to be released in January 2022, will cover important concepts related to effective sow lactation feeding strategies and practices.

PigEasy’s sponsorship will make access to these videos free for any pork producers who would like to improve their operations. The videos will be available on the PigEasy and SwineTex websites and will be distributed on both companies’ social media platforms.

SwineTex Founder, Todd Thurman, said, “We’re very excited to collaborate with PigEasy on this project. Our goal has always been to help producers get real results on farm which aligns very well with PigEasy’s philosophy of providing easy, practical solutions to on farm problems. It became clear in my conversations with Dave and Katie that our approaches were complimentary, and our values were aligned. We couldn’t be happier to be working with them.”

Dave Klocke, President at PigEasy agrees, “With the wealth of knowledge and experience from SwineTex, we are eager to collaborate to provide common sense solutions and insight for the swine industry. When sow feeding and management strategies are simplified and easy to implement, they are much more likely to be successful. Todd is just the person to do that. We’re looking forward to working on this project together.”

PigEasy, LLC, based in Templeton, Iowa, is a supplier of a complete line of products designed to improve performance and make pig farmer’s lives easier. To learn more about them and their products, visit www.pigeasy.com . SwineTex Consulting Services, LLC, based in Weatherford, Texas is an international swine management consultancy offering consulting and training services to the global swine industry. Visit www.swinetex.com to learn more about their services.