Recording of Alltech panel discussion during World Pork Expo now available

During World Pork Expo, which was held June 7–9 in Des Moines, Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, hosted a conversation with key individuals in the field of digital agriculture. The panel, titled “Turning Animal Agriculture’s Toughest Challenges Into Our Biggest Opportunities,” featured discussions about digital technology’s role in animal agriculture and how we can turn our greatest challenges — including pig health, labor shortages and profitability — into opportunities that foster environmental and economic sustainability and ensure a Planet of Plenty™ for both consumers and pork producers.

Along with Lyons, the panelists included Riyaz Pishori, principal program manager at Microsoft; B.J. Brugman, founder and CEO of Distynct, a precision livestock farming company; Brad Priest, finishing production manager at Tri-Oak Foods; Jamie Burr, chief sustainability officer of the National Pork Board; and Dale Stevermer, co-owner of Trails End Farm and member of the board of directors for the National Pork Board.

A video recording of the discussion is available here.