New Podcast Dedicated to the Swine Industry

Do you want to be the first to know all about the global pork market?  On Swine Trends by APC, the latest updates are easily shared with you.

Swine Trends is the newest podcast dedicated to the Swine Industry. You will find timely topics ranging  from market updates, opportunities to earn more profit, tips on how sows can beat summer heat and expert  discussions on PRRS.

The first episode is live now. Swine Trends, episode one, welcomes Joseph Kerns and Dr. Joe Crenshaw where they discuss hog market trends, feeding cost updates and COVID-19 challenges.

Joseph Kerns has 25 years of experience working with producers, suppliers, and mills to support  agricultural operations. He and his team assist clients with procurement and risk management activities  related to hedging, ingredient purchase, optimizing relationships with mills, developing programs to assist  in feed quality control, cost-effective diet formulation, operational benchmarking, livestock marketing,  generational transition, and business development. He has experience directing risk management activities  for industry leaders such as ADM, Premium Standard Farms, Continental Grain, and Iowa Select Farms.

Dr. Crenshaw is the Vice President of Technical Service for APC where he provides technical service and  advice for customers and conducts product development and applications research. Prior to joining APC,  Dr. Crenshaw was an associate professor at North Dakota State University, served as the Manager of  Swine Research and Product Development at Moorman’s Inc., now part of ADM, and worked as a private  consultant for animal nutrition and feed businesses in Asia. Dr. Crenshaw’s career spans thirty-five years  in the swine industry.

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