Munters enhances its swine product offering with a digital camera-based monitoring package for growers, in partnership with FarmSee.

Munters Corporation, the global leader in energy efficient and sustainable air treatment and climate solutions, debuts their exclusive new distribution relationship with FarmSee, a leader in advanced computer vision and AI for the swine industry, at the 2023 Iowa Pork Congress.

The global leader in air treatment and climate solutions meets Smart Farming. Munters is the global leader in energy-effective and sustainable air treatment and climate solutions. The company’s ultimate goal is to provide value to livestock producers.

In the swine industry, farmers normally check their livestock manually. But it is difficult, and time consuming, to make accurate, individual assessments of each animal. Using advanced computer vision and AI, FarmSee gives the farmer the ability to assess each swine’s weight and overall health.

FarmSee is a leader in advanced computer vision and AI for the swine industry. Our investment in FarmSee will help our customers to optimize their entire value chain and enhance their profitability,” says Pia Brantgärde-Linder, group vice president and president business area FoodTech at Munters.

The agreement with FarmSee is a key part of Munters’ commitment to smart farming. Also known as Precision Farming, Smart Farming is an innovative approach to raising animals using modern technologies to collect and leverage real-time data about each animal on a farm. This allows for optimized management practices by either reducing inputs or increasing overall productivity.

Using the data science from FarmSee, Munters will be able to provide farmers with insights and information that cannot otherwise be accessed today since outdated existing technologies make data enrichment slow and expensive and refresh rates sluggish.

FarmSee features:

  • Camera-based monitoring system
  • Improved sort accuracy and uniformity
  • 98% weight accuracy at pen level
  • Tagless identification
  • FCR optimization
  • Animal welfare monitoring
  • Optimized move-out
  • Improved biosecurity
  • Maximized profits

In the future Munters looks forward to adding capabilities such as inventory management, behavior analysis, and expanded health analysis.

“We are pleased to debut our partnership with FarmSee at Iowa Pork Congress. We believe in the mission of the Iowa Pork Producers Association, promoting education and a sustainable, socially responsible, and globally competitive pork industry,” continued Brantgärde Linder.

FarmSee representatives and Munters ventilation system experts will be available at the Iowa Pork Congress, January 25-26, 2023 – Booth 504.