Maple Leaf Foods recognizes Farm Health Guardian as farm traceability and biosecurity digital technology partner

Farm Health Guardian has once again been recognized as a digital farm traceability and biosecurity technology partner with Maple Leaf Foods in their annual Sustainability Report. Working in collaboration with Maple Leaf Agri-Farms, Farm Health Guardian’s biosecurity management system has helped enhance the company’s Canadian pork production operations to reduce the risk of disease spread and improve animal care.

“Working together to raise the bar on biosecurity through innovative digital technology will benefit all of Canada’s hog industry,” says Rob Hannam, Farm Health Guardian CEO. “Thanks to the leadership of Maple Leaf Agri-Farms, over 70 per cent of the swine farms in Manitoba are now using the Farm Health Guardian system. We see that growth continuing which will lead to reduced disease risk, improved animal health and, in the end, a smaller carbon footprint for the animal protein being produced.”

Farm Health Guardian helps farm operations and food companies improve biosecurity and prevent disease transmission. In its report, Maple Leaf Foods says the Farm Health Guardian system enables their personnel to respond quickly when disease is suspected to restrict movements and prevent potential spread. Company representatives say the ability to conduct biosecurity trace-backs in near real-time reduces the risk of disease spread and saves hours of work compared with traditional paper-based systems.

“Working together, Maple Leaf Agri-Farms has provided Farm Health Guardian with recommendations to adapt and customize the digital biosecurity system for pork production operations across North America,” says Hannam. “The benefits of the real-time digital biosecurity system are being recognized by producers and industry as a game-changer for preventing and minimizing disease impact and transmission.”

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