Leading Feed Manufacturers Keep Betting on BinSentry.

BinSentry, the leader in animal feed supply chain technology, today announced record sales growth for the first quarter of fiscal 2023.

“Customer demand for our technology has never been greater. Our latest generation of software allows customers to see inside every bin they monitor and know that the data accuracy is better than any estimate they could get from the farm site. This gives customers the ability to monitor hundreds or thousands of bins accurately and quickly, helping them be more efficient with feed and transportation in ways that manual processes simply cannot compete with.” said Ben Alen, CEO of BinSentry.

In the first quarter of fiscal 2023, BinSentry has seen a record amount of orders from customers that are reacting positively to the new software and hardware technology combination. Revenues are up over 70% in just the last few months.

David Stenger, Feed Mill Manager for Strobel Farms, says, “I use this software every day. The accuracy of the daily bin readings makes it easier to plan our production. It has helped increase the productivity of the mill by taking the highs and lows out of the work week, which has decreased overtime and created more stable work hours for our drivers and mill operators.”

Feed is the most expensive part of raising animals, with over $500B USD of feed being sold annually around the world. But even at those volumes, most companies still use manual processes for estimating feed inventories and orders. BinSentry technology changes that instantly, allowing managers to quickly prioritize barns that need feed; eliminating feed outages and optimizing animal health and wellness while scheduling more efficient delivery routes to reduce transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions, all from the comfort of an office.

“We’re used to climbing ladders and banging on bins to estimate feed. But as feed prices continue to increase and labor on the farms continues to decrease, that just isn’t good enough. New technologies need to be accurate, reliable, and implementable; and I believe that BinSentry meets all three of those criteria. We are excited to take a modernized approach to our feed management with this new technology,” said Brooke Anderson, Technical Nutritionist at The HANOR Family of Companies.

For more information, visit binsentry.com