Introducing Phason’s AutoFlex Connect II: Best-in-class ventilation control

Pork farm in the countryside, aerial shot

AutoFlex Connect enables producers to monitor, control, and manage ventilation, feed inventory  and usage, water usage, animal inventories, and more at their sites.

The key to AutoFlex Connect’s best-in-class ventilation is its VentGrid™ merged ventilation.
VentGrid is a powerful feature that provides smooth, optimized ventilation control by operating  equipment as a “team” instead of individual pieces or stages.

AutoFlex Connect can control almost any type of equipment in a barn. AutoFlex Connect is a  modular and scalable control platform and allows producers to select the configuration they want  and the ability to expand it when they need. Smart Modules are available to control fans, heaters,  misters, cooling pads, curtains, inlets, feed systems, lighting, heat mats, and more.

If there is something you want to monitor, chances are AutoFlex Connect can do it. More than a  dozen types of sensors are available, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and  more. In addition to monitoring conditions AutoFlex Connect also collects and stores data and  provides charts and reports to analyze it.

Peace of mind is important these days. AutoFlex Connect provides that with alert notifications and  remote connectivity. When users are away from the barn, they can rest assured that AutoFlex  Connect will quickly notify them via text and email if there is a problem at the site.

Remote connectivity allows users to quickly respond to any issues. They can connect remotely to  their controls at any time, from anywhere, using any web-enabled device. Phason also offers its  Phason Connect app for iOS and Android devices. Phason Connect allows users to conveniently  manage all their Connect devices from one location and provides easy access each device. Remote  connectivity is achieved using Amazon Web Services’ world-class security and stability.

Other features AutoFlex Connect offers include:

• An intuitive user interface

• A 10-inch capacitive touch screen

• Wi-Fi or ethernet connectivity

• Remote diagnostic service

• Multiple levels of redundancy provide reliable operation

• Multiple access levels to determine which employees make changes

Phason is offering a trial use program for AutoFlex Connect. For more information visit

Phason will be at the Iowa Pork Congress on January 26 and 27, 2022. You can visit them at booth  302.