Introducing: Batch Temperature Changes The Game-Changing Enterprise Dashboard Addition

When it comes to temperature parameter adjustments, Distynct now takes it to a new level. The team is thrilled to introduce the exciting feature of batch temperature changes on the Distynct dashboard. Efficiency is key, and adjusting barns one by one simply doesn’t cut it. Users can choose as many or as few barns as they desire, and with just a single click, their temperatures will be effortlessly adjusted.


Producers no longer need to drive to their site and click numerous buttons to adjust their parameters in each barn. Simply log on to the Distynct dashboard, choose the barns that need to be adjusted, and submit the minimum and maximum temperatures in less than 30 seconds.


Monitor which users are adjusting temperature parameters through Alarms Settings Changes on the Distynct dashboard. Need a timely adjustment without running back and forth to the barn? Users can hop on and make a single sweep of all their barns.


Prior to this convenient new tool from Distynct, alarm parameters have rarely been adjusted on a daily or weekly basis to ensure an optimum barn environment for the animals. For example, when piglets arrive on farm this time of year, it is important that the barn maintains an adequate higher temperature that ultimately allows those young pigs to thrive. The ability to frequently and efficiently adjust alarm thresholds for temperature fluctuations means producers can more easily maintain the ideal barn environment. Confirmation of this is now easier than ever before.

“We are continuously focused on making adjustments that will improve management efficiency for producers and improve the wellbeing of animals,” shares BJ Brugman, Distynct CEO. “Driving to the site in order to adjust temperature probes individually can take an immense amount of time. We knew there was a better way for this to be managed, and producers deserve something as simple as parameter adjustments to take only a minute out of their day.”

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