How Dkyhuis Farms Leveraged PigFlow® to Elevate PSY by 2.2

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The swine industry is struggling with increasing mortality rates, labor access, and cost
and a significant change is needed if we want to survive and thrive in a world of rapidly
changing expectations.

At SwineTech, we believe that the most impactful and versatile solution is through our people and an approach that focuses on empowering and augmenting human potential. We’ve recognized that despite having processes and technologies in place, there’s often a missing link when it comes to guiding and measuring the actual execution and its impact on production. PigFlow uniquely solves this problem by engaging and guiding employees, offering real-time insights to enhance pig care and productivity.

Unlike traditional approaches, our emphasis is strongly rooted in healthcare principles given our responsibility for the well-being of living animals. This entails considering the human element, dealing with uncertainties, and meeting intricate expectations. Our flagship product, PigFlow, blends aspects of pork production, healthcare techniques, and manufacturing strategies to provide a one-of-a-kind solution for pork producers.

Our objective is to seamlessly infuse this valuable intersection into swine operations of all sizes. In this case study, you’ll see how Dykhuis Farms successfully implemented PigFlow to improve operational efficiency, piglet health, and bottom-line results. We are excited because stories like this inspire us daily as we work to spread our vision.

Download the case study