Digitizing Data on Farm Without New Equipment

The Distynct smart alarm system is the premier option for remote livestock monitoring in the swine industry, but it doesn’t end there. The Distynct alarm system has the capability to digitize other data on farm that you may not currently be collecting.

A couple of weeks ago, a few Distynct team members spent the morning training a maintenance team on how to wire in water meters they already have on site to the Distynct alarm system. Without adding a whole new system, these producers are now able to view data from their water meters directly on the Distynct dashboard–no matter their location.

Distynct is proud to bring cost-effective options to pig farmers to optimize their current practices on farm. Digitizing water consumption with the equipment you already have is one of these simple solutions with a huge impact.

Reach out today at www.getdistynct.com/contact to learn more about implementing this solution on your farm.