Case Study:Johnny Prejet, PLDO Farms

Johnny Prejet, a dedicated farmer at PLDO Farms, has been in the hog farming industry for numerous years. His farm has been equipped with Phason’s PEC and PEC Plus controls since 1995, reflecting his trust in the brand’s offerings for nearly three decades.

Journey & Challenges:

While Johnny appreciated the durability and reliability of the older Phason controls, he felt the need to modernize the operations. The evolving farming environment necessitated advanced technology to ensure optimal conditions for the hogs and efficient farm management. The lack of remote access was a concern as it required manual checks, particularly during alarms or system alerts.

“The peace of mind knowing we can address issues remotely and have tailored settings for our hogs makes Phason an invaluable partner for PLDO Farms.”

Realization for Professional Help:

Johnny’s trust in Phason, coupled with his desire for more advanced features, led him to consider the AutoFlex Connect. The prospect of remote access, a touch screen interface, and a robust controller was enticing. The need for a system that could seamlessly integrate with various automation components of the farm, from fans to sprinkler systems, drove him to seek this upgrade.

Meeting & Onboarding:

Johnny’s experience with Phason made the transition to the new system smooth. The installation process for AutoFlex Connect was straightforward, with clear guidelines provided. Phason’s team worked closely with Johnny and his staff to ensure that all the farm’s automation, including the heating system, temperature probes, and soaking rooms, were seamlessly integrated.

“With Phason’s AutoFlex Connect, we’ve taken our farm management to the next level. The remote alarm system and curves feature have been transformative for our operations.

We can access the controller from our office or home and begin the troubleshooting process without having to walk into the barn. A lot of times we are able to solve the problem or send the correct person to solve the problem without ever having to come to the controller itself.”

Positive Outcomes:

After integrating AutoFlex Connect, Johnny experienced a notable improvement in farm management. The remote alarm access was a game-changer, allowing him and his team to address issues promptly or decide if they could wait. This feature not only saved time but also provided peace of mind. The curves programming feature was another highlight, allowing the team to set optimal patterns tailored to the hogs’ life cycle stages, from growth to maturity. This precision not only ensured better living conditions for the hogs but also resulted in significant energy savings, especially during transitions like full-to-empty barns and seasonal changes.

“The biggest feature for us was ease-of-use and the remote access. Another great experience we’ve had with Phason is how durable their controllers are. We’ve had controllers in farms for over 25 years that are still functioning without any issues. Phason has proven to be reliable.”

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