BarnTools Announces Groundbreaking, Real-Time Feed Monitoring Addition to the BarnTalk Alarm Platform

BarnTools, the creator of the wireless BarnTalk barn alarm, has introduced a new real-time feed monitoring solution to their growing suite of wireless sensors. The BinTalk wireless feed bin sensor will provide swine and poultry growers with real-time feed insights to help streamline their feed management and prevent feed outages before they happen.

“BarnTools has been working with a team of world-class engineers, product developers, and industry experts to deliver a feed monitoring solution to the swine and poultry industries,” said Michael Hansen, CEO and Co-Founder of BarnTools. “We are excited to launch a reliable, easy-to-use feed bin sensor that will provide accurate, real-time insights to growers, producers, and integrators across the industry so they can optimize their production.”

With the BinTalk wireless feed bin sensor, growers can monitor the amount of feed inside their bins 24/7 on their smartphone. BinTalk is installed on the top of the feed bin using patented clip-on mounting and measures feed volume using HD camera technology. Compared to bin scales, BinTalk is >96% accurate in measuring feed volume.

With many existing feed monitoring products, growers are required to drill holes in their bins to install them. “We wanted BinTalk to take 10 minutes to install and not require you to compromise the integrity of the bin from drilling holes or creating a water leak path,” said BarnTools COO and Co-Founder Jim Ryken, who helped spearhead the development of BinTalk.

Growers can pre-order BinTalk sensors anytime, and orders will get shipped out to customers starting in May 2023. To learn more about BinTalk, click here or contact BarnTools at 515-220-2727.