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Eliminate Feed Outages

FeedView® is a complete feed management solution that combines wireless, battery-powered level sensors with a cloud-based, simple-to-use software. Automatically measure bin levels, project consumption, record the use of medicated feeds, and know when to schedule deliveries—anytime, anywhere with FeedView®.

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 BinCloud Software
Access Inventory Online

FeedView®, a feature of BinCloud®, was developed by BinMaster to help swine operations. Working with farms, we listened to what growers needed to make monitoring and reporting feed storage, consumption, and delivery easier and more efficient.

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 Feed Mills
Proactive Production

Improve coordination with farms and schedule production of the rations in need. Set automated alerts to be notified the last bin supplying feed to a barn is approaching empty to reduce emergencies.

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Feed truck

  Wireless Sensor
No Electrician Needed

Powered by a Lithium battery, the FVL-200 single-point sensor measures livestock feed in silos up to 35 feet tall. It takes interval readings once per hour with a battery life of three to five years. LoRa long range communications send measurements to the FeedView® web application for easy access from your phone, tablet, or PC.

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Solve problems, increase profitability with FeedView®

 Pare down the paperwork
Eliminate spreadsheets. Save paper and time. FeedView provides a centralized location for detailed information and historical data.

  Anywhere anytime access
FeedView® securely stores your data in the cloud, making it easy to access from any device – whether in the office, in the barn, or on the go.

 Stop climbing bins
Safety is a driver behind all BinMaster products. Protect your people from injury while automating your feed management. No banging on bins!

 Scale to your operation
From a single barn to national producers, FeedView is an affordable and scalable solution that can install over time and grow with your needs.

 Stay Productive
Eliminate feed outages, avoid losing productivity, and eliminate downtime with up-to-date inventory tracking, online ordering, and reporting.

 Stay BioSecure
No need to leave the secure building to go outside and check bin levels, that increases the risk of tracking in contaminates and wasting time.

Plan Ahead
Need to clean a bin? Make a repair? With the ability to track levels and estimate days until empty you can schedule maintenance proactively.

 Coordinated Closeout
Improve profitability by having less feed left at closeout. Less wasted feed! Spend less money on vacuuming bins and feed disposal.