Why Wet/Dry Feeding?


Natalia Heisterkamp, Director of Global Strategy at Crystal Spring Hog Equipment, tells us a little bit about the benefits and advantages of wet/dry feeding

The benefits of wet/dry feed for pigs is well known and has been proven by both research and around 30 years of successful application and use worldwide. We know that water is the most important nutrient and that pigs prefer a slurry feed over dry feed, which also improves their gut health and overall health. But the benefits don’t stop there. We also know that pigs eat 20% faster when they eat wet/dry feed. This allows for more pigs per feeder space which stimulates a healthy competition for the feed and allows for the best ratio between daily gain (ADG) and feed conversion (FCR).

Many factors affect the performance of pigs in a barn, such as genetics, nutrition, ventilation  and feeding systems.  Research and production data of pigs eating out of a Crystal Spring wet/dry feeder show an average of 2,5kgs / 5lbs more gain, over a dry feeder, during the nursery phase which translates to almost double that gain by the time the pig reaches market weight. In addition, feed and water wastage are significantly reduced by Crystal Spring wet/dry feeders, which contributes to greater FCR performance.

So why are a lot of companies and producers still resistant to the technology? What we often hear is that producers have experienced feeder management challenges in the past with other brands of wet/dry feeders. What happens here is that the ability to control water flow and feed flow in a wet/dry feeder is critical and unfortunately many Crystal Spring copies found in the market fail on those basic features and end up giving the technology itself a bad reputation. The Crystal Spring “Original” wet/dry feeder technologies allows producers to overcome those management challenges.

A feeder may seem like a small piece of equipment in your barn, but up to 80% of all production cost goes through the feeder, while the feeder itself represents only an average 2.5-3.5% of the building cost. That is why we developed innovative products to make feeder management easier and provide flawless control of feed and water flow, resulting in the perfect amount of slurry feed to help pigs grow fast and healthy.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your barn with a reliable, high quality feeder, known to last for over 25 years, reach out to one of our Crystal Spring team members and let us help find the best feeder for you.

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