Why treat your manure instead of spreading it?


Hog manure is undoubtedly a valuable source of fertilizer for agriculture. On the other hand, the conventional practice of spreading it on fields generates numerous economic and environmental constraints and contributes to conveying a sometimes-negative image of the pork industry, particularly with regard to the discomfort caused by odours.

The solution proposed by Solugen combines economic benefits with environmental advantages and considerably improves socio-acceptability. Solugen’s technology is based on a continuous treatment of the slurry pumped from the pre-pit. In doing so, slurry pits are no longer necessary. This results in many benefits.

Benefits Economical Environmental Social
Contribution to modernizing and increasing pig production X    
Creation of jobs in the swine industry as a result of potential production growth X    
Increasing the competitiveness of the pork industry, particularly internationally X    
Important reduction in operating costs X    
Time saving and  day to day process optimization X    
Manure pits management X
Reduced impact of manure transport vehicles on roads X    
Creation of a circular economy by revalorizing the organic fertilizers resulting from the treatment process (ammoniacal nitrogen, potassium concentrate). X    
Optimized water management X X X
Reduction of 90 to 95% of the greenhouse gases normally emitted during manure storage and spreading.   X  
Carbon credits: A Solugen system treating 10,000 m3 of manure/year generates an annual reduction of 572 tCo2. X X  
Significant reduction in the carbon footprint of vehicles transporting manure for spreading.   X  
Drastic reduction in the risk of sophistication of watercourses.   X  
Optimized phosphorus management. X X  
Contribution to the preservation of biodiversitySignificant reduction in the risk of accidental manure spills   X  
Solugen eliminates 90-95% of the foul odors emitted during the storage and spreading of manure.     X
Socio-acceptability. Better brand image of the pork industry.     X

For more information on these advantages, please contact us. We will send you a detailed documentation


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