Why choose Total Swine Genetics for your boars


Why choose TSG for your boars

1. Risk Management

Many genetics companies are choosing to house boars in more than one facility. This duality provides a second site reserve for your genetics; protecting against risk of disease and disaster.

2. Biosecurity

TSG offers state of the art, fully filtered air, 100% of the time. Supplies entering the barn are treated in an air locked area for disinfection prior to entry. Delivery drivers access the stud from a separate area which is fully cleaned and disinfected after each delivery.

3. Health monitoring

PRRS appears first in the blood. Each production day TSG takes blood samples which are processed for same-day results, even on holidays. Afternoon delivery schedules mean that TSG can assure that semen test results are final prior to use of the semen on farm. Strict protocols are in place between TSG and the third party lab to ensure that any positive result is effectively acted upon and communicated to our customers before use on farm.

4. Climate Controlled

We know that boars respond well to constant temperatures. Both animal health and fertility are improved with our climate controlled system. Our system provides cooling in summer months and heating in winter, with exhausted moisture being vented outside the barns. Ammonia requires moisture to become airborne, venting the moisture outside greatly improves air quality inside.

5. Boar Viewing and Meeting Room

At TSG we feel it is important to provide facilities where you and your customers can view your boars. We are equipped with a professional quality Boardroom with capacity for 12-25. A viewing window and radio communications with barn staff provides opportunity to see the animals and ask questions of the staff who handle them every day.

6. Entrance Protocols

All boars entering the TSG barns are blood tested, held in isolation for a period of time and re-tested. Each isolation batch is tested by the CFIA prior to being released into our main facility.
View Entry Requirements protocol  (Acrobat file)


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