The Relevance of Internet Connectivity on Farm

Unreliable connectivity, or no connectivity at all, is nothing foreign to pig farmers. In a world of data, instant gratification, and glamorous technology, the swine industry shouldn’t feel distant from experiencing these same amenities.

Technology is being created to ensure animal wellbeing and stress-free management; however, the foundation for this technology is missing. BJ Brugman, Distynct Co-Founder and CEO, recognizes this discrepancy. “Every device or service that makes its way to a barn will need an internet connection,” states Brugman.

The Distynct smart alarm not only provides remote monitoring for pig farmers, but also the opportunity to finally have reliable connectivity on farm. This service has seemed far out of reach for many years–until now.

“The burden of getting internet access to the barn has been on the back of the barn owner who has very few viable, let alone affordable options when it comes to internet connectivity on the farm,” shares Brugman. “Distynct brings the internet not just for our alarm system, but for all devices.

In order to keep pace with standards that are being set for the animal industry, farmers need remote monitoring, real-time data, and accurate record keeping now more than ever before.

“The path to real-time data from the barn or from the animal starts with an internet connection capable of handling data transmission from any device,” says Brugman.

The Distynct alarm system provides remote monitoring, reliable connectivity, digital data, and the ability to accurately track anything that happens on farm–the tools all pig farms need, and deserve, to have at their fingertips.