Webinar recording – Managing heat stress in pigs – behaviour, environment, and nutrition


To receive copies of any of the trial summaries mentioned please contact Sarah Turner – sturner@lallemand.com Visit our website for product information: https://lallemandanimalnutrition.com/… You can also access the AHDB documents from this link: https://ahdb.org.uk/drought-reducing-… Heat stress in pigs is often underestimated in the UK and Ireland, but it can have a profound effect in all pig classes especially sows, affecting them from as low as 18ºC and causing up to 25% reductions in farrowing rates (AHDB). Lallemand Animal Nutrition, in conjunction with the AHDB, held this insightful webinar on 13th May to discuss what heat stress is, how it can affect your farm and what can be done to manage it. The webinar focused on managing heat stress holistically through the behaviour, environment, and nutrition of the animal. Speakers: AHDB: Andrew Palmer Lallemand Animal Nutrition: Mark McFarland / David Saornil


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